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Project Canary Org is a federal non-profit organization and registered charity within Canada.

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“Knowledge translation of evidence-based education, research, and policy strategies regarding gendered and sexual violence, for the purposes of community empowerment within Canada.”

Mission Statement


Crystal Mundy

Crystal Mundy is a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at the University of British Columbia (Okanagan). She has spent 10+ years examining forensic psychology and human sexuality – areas rife with stigma and the need for inclusive public health approaches. Coming from a secular humanist orientation, Crystal views knowledge translation of evidence-supported information as a necessity for community empowerment.

These goals in mind, Crystal began to critically examine the Covid-19 pandemic response within British Columbia. In the summer of 2020, Crystal started community engagement regarding the available Covid-19 data and public health response on Twitter. This involved reviewing what information was there, what information was not, and what information was being misused. Later in the year, she joined a grassroots group of parent and community members at www.bcparentinfo.com to provide an updated BC Parent Survey, as well as peer-reviewed and upcoming articles regarding Covid-19, schools, and children. Crystal had a particular focus on research methodology and advanced statistics during her M.A. and Ph.D. training, and has been using these skills to highlight current knowledge gaps in the pandemic response. She sends a daily newsletter with statistics and other pandemic information through Project Canary Org, and also assists in various knowledge translation activities related to research.

Crystal is, and will continue, engaging in these actions, as she feels it is required of her personal morals, but also her professional ethics. Clinical Psychologists within Canada have an obligation to ensure the safety of vulnerable groups, as well as the responsible dissemination of data and research related to human behaviours. The research has clearly indicated that the lives of Black and Indigenous peoples, and People of Colour, are, and will be disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. This will further be compounded by intersectional factors, such as gender and socioeconomic status. Crystal implores others, especially those with privilege and social capital, to understand the global nature of the pandemic and the impact it will have on the global community.



Mel identifies herself by her research handle @melhathnofury on Twitter. She has been in the online community studying social media since it’s inception, and her Master’s Thesis overviewed the Education Neuroscience of Collaborative Virtual Environments and Social Emotional Learning. Mel has presented in national conferences on this subject, and has also spoken at national conferences on the neuroscience of leadership and mentoring.

Mel holds a Bachelor’s of Education with minors in Counselling and Human Development, Criminology, Psychology, and English. She also holds a Liberal Arts Certificate, Innovative Leadership Certificate, and a Post-Baccalaureate in Counselling and Learning Disabilities. She is a certified mentor in teaching and a trained facilitator that has spent many years mentoring new teachers, developing curriculum and running workshops.

Mel started Project Canary because she could not keep silent any longer on the atrocities and abusive conditions she witnessed her past colleagues and BC students endure and continue to endure in BC Education. Mel has an entire chapter written dedicated to asymmetric warfare on Canadian Public Education and how it has been deleteriously eroded away.

Mel continues to serve the Canadian Public and the community she has helped teach and nurture for the entirety of her adult life. Mel and the dedicated activists are pleading for change, and know that we are all asking for the same thing; respect for Human Life and equality for all in the face of a global pandemic. She invites other Canadian Citizens and other Global Citizens to join Project Canary and push forward in their quest for Truth, Equality, Science, Accountability, and Justice.

Media Appearances

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